Beautiful, masterful princess never goes out of fashion.
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"We have been manufacturing diamonds Since 1968 because of our clients’ trust in our company AAA Diamonds®. We have been consistent in maintaining High Quality of our Products, Services & giving best in class Customer Experience for more than 50 years

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Why Us?

*If you only have 1 minute then just read the ‘Bold Text’.

Why should you buy from us?

If you get a Mercedes at price of a Toyota, what will you choose?

Would you like it if you could find your exact Princess MM, Ratio, Quantity, Top Quality, Good Price, everything at one place?
Well, you have come to the right place.

How can you make 6 to 12% extra profit?

In the above picture you can see that the total height of “others” diamond is more than “AAA” diamond. Extra height adds weight to the stone & reduces the beauty.

If you buy 600 pcs of 3mm VVS Princess from “others” at $710/ct then you will pay for 108 cts = $76700

If you buy the same 3mm from “AAA” at $750/ct then the you will pay for 96 cts= $72000

You just saved 4700$, make extra 6 to 12% profit + get best quality of diamonds along with an outstanding service!!

others” are only focused on getting maximum weight out of rough, while “AAA” is focused on benefit for the customer

We manufacture the Best Quality Bezel Princess Diamonds at Affordable rates.

You will have a great experience from our Punctual & Professional Services provided by our Expert Team.

Rapaport Market Comment- “Off-Make, Poorly Cut Fancies illuiquid & hard to sell, even at very deep discounts”

We have been leading in the Princess Market with unparalleled Cut & Quality

Difference between Normal Princess & AAA Princess

In “French corner crown” you can see that the edges are very slim and this kind of princess cut is the most prone to chipping especially if there are inclusions near the corner. And yes, even diamonds can chip if there's an inclusion beside the pointed end.

The second one is what we call the “Bezel corner crown”. It is designed in such a way that the corners are less prone to chipping.


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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to Manufacture Premium Quality Diamonds at Non-Premium Prices for our clients with Diamonds of Cutting Edge Precision.

Our Vision

Since we firmly believe in Quality & Perfection, our Goal at AAA Diamonds® is to be ‘The Best & The Largest Diamond Manufacturer in the World in all Shapes & Sizes’ & to provide ‘The Best Service in all Aspects in the Diamond Industry’. We will keep Adapting as per the Market Conditions. We will always keep Reinventing & always keep striving to achieve Perfection in everything we do.

Meaning of AAA:

In simplified version of poker (Teen Patti/ flash or flush), the strongest sequence is A A A (3 Aces)

In the investment sector, the credit rating agencies give AAA ratings for Prime (The Best) Bonds

Similarly in the Princess Cut Market, AAA means the Best

Meaning of AAA Logo:

Our logo is inspired from Power, Boldness, Youth, Passion & Love. The crowns denote that we are the King of the Princess Market


At the age of 13, Mr. Vitthal Kathiriya came to Surat from a small village in Saurashtra,Gujarat in 1959. He took a loan of 50₹ from his relative because his father couldn’t afford to give any money. He came to Surat with Big Dreams in his mind & Infinite Passion in his heart. He did various odd jobs in Surat & eventually started Polishing Diamonds in a Factory as an artisan.

With his Strong Passion & Dedication he used to polish diamonds for 18 hours a day & started to learn more & more things about the Diamond Industry. He noticed that the quality of diamonds was inferior & prices were high in the market. Hence he decided to provide Superior Cut/ Make in Diamonds at affordable prices.

Mr. Vitthal Kathiriya started this diamond manufacturing company in 1968 in Surat. As time passed by Mr. Kanu Kathiriya & Mr. Naresh Kathiriya expanded their business to Mumbai & Foreign Markets.

We support the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ movement.

Our features

“Why be a King, when you can be a GOD?”

Why are we here?

Our Skilful & Professional Team at AAA Diamonds® is here for people who are looking for ‘The Best Quality of Cut/ Make in Bezel Princess Cut Diamonds in the Market’. We are always ready to serve you 24*7 with a beautiful smile.

Our Experienced & Expert team members who always pursue PERFECTION!. We at AAA Diamonds® are obsessed about “Manufacturing the Highest Quality of Princess Diamonds & Services at affordable prices in the whole Market!!”. Our Manufacturing Team has an Expertise in Polishing Bezel Princess Cut Diamonds.

Our high quality selection of Rough Diamonds are imported from various parts of the world.

What are our core values?

Our clients are our utmost priority, we will pour our heart and soul to fulfill your demands.

All of our diamonds are 100% Natural & from Conflict-Free Zones.

We do not cause any hazardous damage to our Mother Earth.

We deeply believe in serving you with Joy, Positivity & Professionalism.

We believe in achieving Expertise, Excellence & Perfection in each & every step we take towards our goal.

We are strongly committed to Innovation, & Modernization in all our Business Activities.

Why should you Trust us?

We have been running this business since 1968. We have a strong Goodwill in the market. Your colleagues or friends might be able to help you with our reference. First try our products then only believe us.

(*Please Note: “AAA Diamonds®” was previously named as “Vivek Export”)

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Mumbai Office

DE- 5080/A,
Bharat Diamond Bourse,
Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East),
Mumbai- 400 051, India.

Contact No:

Surat Factory

218/ 2,
Maruti Chambers, 2nd Floor,
A.K. Road,
Surat- 395 008, India.

Contact No:

For any further assistance, suggestion, feedback or complaint, kindly email us at customercare@aaadiamonds.net